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Tuesday, June 04 2019
Open for Business, Open to the World

By Jens-Michael Schaal, Senior Economic Officer, New York

Ontario is Open for Business

My home province of Ontario, Canada is no latecomer to the age of innovation. The people of the province have a history of discovery that has long impressed the outer corners of the globe. It’s why Ontario remains a top destination for companies looking to expand their business.

While our past has cemented us as a destination ripe for growth, our promising future is what drives some of the world’s biggest companies to plant roots in the province. From Google to Uber, GM to Etsy, when a company invests in Ontario, they know they will be among some of the most successful businesses of our time.

But Ontario is more than just a destination for global powerhouses. It’s humble in its origins as a place where entrepreneurship thrives. The start-up ecosystem in the province is alive and well, with incubators riddled throughout the province and ready to mold the companies of the next generation.

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Tuesday, June 04 2019
New Mexico is the New Destination for Video Game Development

It’s no secret that New Mexico has become a premier destination for the film industry. Independence Day: Resurgence, The Mule, Better Call Saul, and Breaking Bad are just a few of the most recent films and TV shows that have shot in New Mexico. This is in part thanks to the Refundable Film and Media Tax Credit, an incentive that rebates 25-30 percent of most film and digital media production expenses incurred in New Mexico.  

The growth of the film industry has resulted in some major payoffs such as spurring the state’s universities to create related degree programs, generating relevant talent, and attracting Netflix to Albuquerque. Netflix recently purchased ABQ Studios and plans on spending $1 billion dollars on production over the next 10 years and creating up to 1,000 production jobs in the state per year.

But it’s also opened the door for a new industry – video game development – to grow in New Mexico. There is a wealth of relevant talent for that industry, the Refundable Film Tax Credit applies not just to film, but to all forms of digital media – including video games – and the overall cost structure of the state is dramatically lower than the places where the industry is currently concentrated.

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Monday, June 03 2019
The Iowa Advantage

You may not be aware that Iowa is the No. 1 state in the nation as ranked by U.S. News & World Report (2018). Iowa takes pride in this honor and is committed to exceeding expectations by revealing the “real” Iowa. At all levels across the public and private sectors, the state remains committed to continuing its upward trend, fostering an environment where businesses can succeed and achieve sustained growth.

Why Iowa? Take a Closer Look.  

Those on the front lines of economic development in the state are always eager to answer this question. Though there are a variety of factors that make the state a best-in-class destination for businesses, a few are particularly noteworthy:

Pro-business environment: Businesses in Iowa have benefited from a low cost of doing business, robust infrastructure and continued support from a responsive state government.

Skilled and stable workforce: Public and private entities throughout the state have invested in offering apprenticeships, internships and other professional development opportunities to our workforce in an effort to close the skills gap.

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Monday, June 03 2019
Laying the Foundation for California's 'Green' Economy

From Zero Emission Vehicles to Artificial Intelligence

California's economic growth rate continues to lead the nation in several key metrics, including job growth, foreign direct investments and venture capital deals. Governor Brown’s climate action and sustainability goals are spurring innovation in emerging technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption while laying the foundation for California’s ‘green’ economy.

Leading California’s activities to encourage private sector attraction and expansion is the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). GO-Biz is the one-stop shop for investors, businesses, site selection consultants and all economic development stakeholders interested in accessing resources or learning more about financing opportunities and incentives in California. The list of services offered at GO-Biz ranges from navigating federal, state and local incentives and permit requirements, connecting foreign investors with California projects, overseeing the state’s 14 Innovation Hubs (iHubs), and managing the state’s highly-successful California Competes Tax Credit program.

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
Certified Sites Aid Louisiana Growth

Development-ready locations attract industrial projects throughout the state 

When Germany-based manufacturer VEGA went looking for an industrial site to house a new production center in the U.S., it studied locations throughout the South. The Grezaffi North certified site in Geismar, Louisiana, fit the bill, providing VEGA Americas with the right acreage, utilities, transportation solutions and other amenities to help the company get up and running. The development-ready site, along the Mississippi River downstream from Baton Rouge, helped Louisiana win the project – and its 120 new direct jobs – over a location in south Texas and other southern locations. 

“The proximity to the chemical corridor was key in our investment decision,” VEGA Americas President Ron Hegyesi said when the $22.4 million project was announced in December 2018. “This location will be a hub for North America, Central America and South America.”

More than 200 miles north, Louisiana Economic Development facilitated a multi-faceted project that partnered Graphic Packaging International and DHL Supply Chain in a combined $274 million capital investment. The companies considered Georgia, Arkansas and Mississippi for a new folding carton and logistics facility, but the Millhaven property at Monroe proved to be an ideal location. Like the VEGA Americas location, Millhaven is an LED Certified Site vetted by a third-party engineering firm as shovel-ready.

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
Wisconsin Invites Companies to Think Big

Wisconsin is well known for the can-do attitude of its people and the history of innovation that established the state as a manufacturing powerhouse and continues to create new solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges in health care, food and beverage production, and sustainable energy and water use. The state’s unfettered optimism and continuous drive to produce positive outcomes is reflected in its motto: Forward. 

Indeed, it was a combination of Wisconsin’s manufacturing legacy and future vision that drew Foxconn Technology Group to commit $10 billion toward an advanced manufacturing campus that is projected to create 13,000 direct jobs and tens of thousands of indirect jobs in the state. A significant factor in the company’s decision was Wisconsin’s existing supply chain strength coupled with the research and educational infrastructure that will be needed to support an advanced technology ecosystem. 

Wisconsin boasts high school graduation rates among the best in the nation and a public university system recognized for the breadth and quality of its programs. The state was also the first in the nation to develop a technical college system, giving Wisconsin 100 years of experience training its workforce to fulfill ever-changing industry demands. 

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
Taking Indiana to the World and Bringing the World Back to Indiana 

By Jim Schellinger, Indiana Secretary of Commerce

In Indiana, our economy is firing on all cylinders. Thanks to focused and diligent leadership at the state level over the last 13+ years, we have been successful in creating a business climate that is now recognized as the best in the Midwest and among the top five in the nation. With a balanced budget, a sizable rainy day fund and a triple-A credit rating, homegrown companies and those new to the Hoosier state can grow with the confidence and peace of mind that long-term, fiscal predictability provides. Job creators here enjoy low taxes, low costs and reduced regulations that let them focus on what matters most – their employees and the bottom line. 

As I travel the world to share Indiana’s story, our reputation as 'A State That Works' more often than not precedes me. And we aren’t slowing down yet. Under the leadership of Governor Eric J. Holcomb, we’re working day in and day out to take Indiana to the next level. A critical part of that vision is propelling Indiana to the forefront of a global economy, ensuring that we lay a strong foundation for not only the current generation, but for many future generations of Hoosiers. 

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
A Global Powerhouse That's Big and Getting Bigger

In 2018, Texas continued to demonstrate the results of an ideal climate for economic success. Announcements from businesses choosing the Lone Star State were regularly in the news—with a $1 billion investment from Apple along with new commitments from Cheniere, Cognizant, JSW Steel and McKesson, to name a few. The state also experienced noteworthy success when compared to the rest of the country. For example, as of December 2018, the Lone Star State added 391,800 jobs over the year—the most of any state—as total nonfarm employment reached a new high of 12.74 million, marking 104 consecutive months of annual growth.

As further testament to its prosperity, Texas was named America’s No. 1 Growth State for the third year in a row, according to U-Haul. Data from the moving equipment and storage rental company indicates that arrivals of one-way trucks were up five percent from the previous year. Additional data from the U.S. Census Bureau shows Texas gained a total of 379,128 new residents from July 1, 2017 to July 1, 2018—the largest numeric gain in the nation—indicating people are flocking to the state to take advantage of impressive job opportunities and a high quality of life.

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
Charting the Course to a Top 10 Economy

As new leadership takes the helm in Oklahoma, the state is charting the course to economic development success. 

Newly inaugurated Governor Kevin Stitt has set his sights on achieving a top 10 economy. With a CEO-mindset and business acumen, he’ll focus the state’s efforts on some of the major concerns facing companies considering a move or expansion: workforce development, business climate and simplifying the process for companies expanding or relocating. 

“During my campaign for governor, I visited every county in the state and I met with hardworking Oklahomans,” said Stitt. “The work ethic of our citizens is why Goodyear’s largest tire manufacturing facilities are located in Lawton, Oklahoma. It is why American Airline’s largest maintenance and repair facility in the world is in Tulsa. It is why our state was the birthplace of successful businesses like QuikTrip, Hobby Lobby and Sonic. There is untapped potential in Oklahoma and our team is going to capitalize on that and make sure the world knows that Oklahoma is a top 10 state.”

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Tuesday, April 02 2019
Thriving in the North

By Kevin McKinnon Deputy Commissioner of Economic Development

Minnesota grew its economy and invested in its communities throughout 2018. The state saw over 225 business expansions, made key investments in the future of its startup ecosystem and consistently ranked in the top 10 across multiple metrics of success and economic health. State and business leaders are making the investments necessary to continue and expand this growth for years to come.

Per capita, the Twin Cities ranks first in Fortune 500 companies and Minnesota ranks third (2018). The state also ranks third best in the nation in its five-year business survival rate. 

Meanwhile, Minnesota continues to grow its educated workforce. The state is first in the nation for percentage of population with high school diploma or higher, with 93.1 percent having a diploma. Minnesota is also tenth in the nation for the percentage of the population with a bachelor’s degree or higher, with 36.1 percent having a college degree.

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