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Friday, November 29 2019
Wyoming Balances Environment and Industry

Always eager for economic diversification, Wyoming has created and implemented innovative programs to smooth the path of growing or relocating a business in the state. As the nation’s workforce tires of hectic big-city life and remote technology continually evolves, Wyoming offers the best of both worlds—job opportunities with low taxes, as well as slower, safer, small-town living. And, while many states grapple with balancing environmental preservation and industrial growth, Wyoming has been balancing the two for decades.

The mineral extraction industry – right alongside the outdoor-inspired tourism industry and agriculture industry – is the heart and heritage of Wyoming. The equation adds up to an industry-friendly culture and regulatory environment that is welcoming to all types of business. 

Innovative Solutions

Wyoming is the nation’s top coal producer and, as the market for coal shifts, state leaders are laying the foundation for the private sector to find innovative uses for both the coal itself and the carbon it produces. 

For example, the state helped fund the Integrated Test Center in Gillette, a $21 million state-of-the-art carbon capture research facility. It currently hosts five teams competing for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a $20-million global competition to develop technology that will convert CO2 emissions into other valuable products. The state has also invested in the world’s first and only carbontech accelerator, Carbon180. 

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Tuesday, November 20 2018
Wyoming Blazes Trail in Blockchain, Carbon Capture

From our bustling main streets to our remote country homesteads, Wyoming is well-known for its fresh air, outdoor recreation opportunities and fantastic quality of life. Ours is a culture built on independence, tireless work ethic and fearless innovation – three qualities that have shaped Wyoming’s heritage and will see it into a prosperous future.

As Wyoming’s banner industry – mineral extraction – faces a challenging outlook, state leaders and residents have approached the state’s need to diversify with urgency and enthusiasm, and Wyoming is well on its way to making a name for itself in some unexpected ways.

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Thursday, November 30 2017
​​​​​​​Wyoming Takes Collaborative Approach to More Resilient Economy

In the wake of an energy sector downturn, Wyoming’s state and local leaders committed themselves to creating a more resilient economy.

The multi-pronged approach includes new strategies from the Wyoming Business Council and a 20-year governor’s initiative dubbed Economically Needed Diversity Options for Wyoming, or ENDOW.

Together, business leaders, government experts and local citizens are building a road map for adding value to Wyoming’s vast natural resources; increasing exports and foreign investment; retaining and expanding small businesses; bolstering quality communities; growing innovation, entrepreneurship and finance; and attracting and training the workforce of today and tomorrow.

“We are actively engaged with industry to understand their needs,” said Shawn Reese, chief executive officer of the Business Council. “Then we can bring their concerns to the state and see if there is a way to address them.”

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Wednesday, November 23 2016
Advanced Manufacturing Industry Growing Contributor to Wyoming Economy

By Tom Dixon, Senior Communications Specialist, Wyoming Business Council

Mike Thomas strode across the dark conference room and pulled the blinds on several huge windows to reveal the Snowy Range rising high above Laramie.

The tall, lean executive for HiViz Shooting Systems, a Wyoming firearms accessories manufacturer, turned to make sure the dramatic reveal had the proper effect and then offered a huge smile.

“We like to sit our clients on the other side of that conference table so they can enjoy the view while we talk,” Thomas said.

Businesses tied to the energy sector still comprise the bulk of Wyoming’s manufacturing industry, but companies like HiViz are a vital and growing part of efforts to diversify the state’s economy.

Businesses across Wyoming fit the bill, from pharmaceuticals maker Cody Labs in Cody and aircraft accessories builder Kennon in Sheridan, to robotics inventor Square One Systems Design in Jackson and firearms parts manufacturer Magpul Industries in Cheyenne.

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