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Tuesday, January 07 2020
Make Ohio Home

There’s a place in the eastern region of the U.S., just below the Great Lakes with cities, natural resources and possibility. That place is Ohio. Ohio ranks among the world’s largest economies – rich with resources, technology, education, globally recognized companies and skilled Ohioans with a strong work ethic. From the very beginning, people have been the heartbeat of the state.

Ohio offers a central location and a diverse, world-class infrastructure to create a strategic logistics benefit for companies in Ohio. Ohio is situated close to the majority of the North American market, meaning less time to and from suppliers and customers. Thanks to the Port of Cleveland, Ohio is also the only Midwest state with direct shipping to Europe.

Shipping routes point in all directions and consist of varying means of moving goods, including road, rail, water and air. Companies making or receiving shipments have options and are not limited to one form of transportation. The variety offers companies the flexibility to make decisions that favor cost reduction and increased efficiency.

The state is a well-established base for companies moving goods around the globe, being just a one-day drive from more than 60 percent of the U.S. and Canadian populations. Major cities including Chicago, New York City and Toronto are easily accessible via air, rail and road.

Road: Ohio has the fourth largest interstate highway system in the nation, with nearly 7,000 lane miles on eight major routes. The system has the fifth highest average daily vehicle miles traveled.

Rail: Ohio has 10 major rail yards and 13 intermodal terminals, the second highest number in the U.S. Ohio has the fourth largest network of operating railroads in the nation. The state’s 5,388 miles of active freight rail is No. 3 in the U.S. Ohio has four class one, rail-based suppliers: CSX, Norfolk Southern, Canadian Pacific and Canadian National.

Ports: Ohio has nine commercial ports on Lake Erie and multiple terminals along the Ohio River. It is the only Midwest state with a direct shipping route from the Port of Cleveland to Europe for both container and heavy goods, making it the only Midwest state that can reduce time to market by five days or more. The Port of Toledo in Northwest Ohio is one of the largest ports in the Great Lakes. Ohio has 736 miles of navigable waterways leading to the Gulf of Mexico and the St. Lawrence Seaway.

Air: Ohio has seven commercial air carrier airports and 97 general aviation airports. Rickenbacker International Airport near Columbus is one of the world’s only cargo-focused airports and has regular service to Hong Kong, Dubai, Luxembourg and other cities around the globe.

Foreign-Trade Zones: Ohio has nine Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ), the largest presence of FTZ with the most active firms in the Midwest.

The successful economies of tomorrow require quality infrastructure that support supply chains, facilitate communication and connect businesses to reliable and affordable energy sources. Thanks to investments in transportation, digital technology and trade, Ohio hosts the dependable infrastructure global businesses require.

JobsOhio Plays a Leading Role in Economic Developmemt
JobsOhio is a not-for-profit, privately funded organization at the state level dedicated to furthering job growth, new capital investment and economic development in Ohio. Through a customer-focused approach to business, JobsOhio provides companies with connections and opportunities unique to their needs and goals to continuously keep them ahead of the competition. Advised by an independent board of directors and guided by a team of knowledgeable industry experts, JobsOhio is the go-to resource for companies at every stage of the business process.

JobsOhio's strategies and programs are designed to improve the lives of Ohioans and strengthen the communities where they live. These programs are focused on nine industries and five cross sector strategies that help to diversify Ohio’s economy. In turn, the state's industries leveraged and while offering significant future investment and job growth. JobsOhio sector teams partner closely with industry leaders to attract new investment opportunities to the state.

JobsOhio takes a client-focused approach to projects by listening to companies and addressing their business needs and partnering with company executives to build long-term relationships that are unique to JobsOhio’s economic development model. In addition to company relationships, JobsOhio values its relationship with local economic development partners across the state and has continued to make investments in communities to revitalize sites, authenticate sites for immediate development, and address workforce challenges.

Available Sites
When companies are looking to expand in Ohio, JobsOhio is there to help, assisting with personalized service and program support, including SiteOhio. SiteOhio is JobsOhio’s site authentication program that helps companies find sites that are construction ready or are move-in ready.

SiteOhio goes beyond the typical certification process. It is unlike any other site selection service, as testified by site selectors. Sites go through an exhaustive review and analysis to determine their viability for companies. When they pass, they are authenticated.

SiteOhio’s authenticated sites have unique assets. Among them you can find all utilities, i.e., electric, natural gas, fiber, excess sewer, excess water capacity; proximity to large populations, some over one million; 40 acres to 750 acres of land; Class I railroad connections proximity to large airports; and access to major roadways.

A history of invention and a future of innovation. What happens in Ohio impacts the world, and that’s why companies across the U.S. and around the globe have proudly selected Ohio. Ohio invites you to expand, grow and thrive with it. Make Ohio home.

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