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Friday, July 26 2019
Advanced Manufacturing Requires Advanced Skills: How Arizona is Delivering

By Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority President & CEO

Expanding or relocating a business is a complex decision. Companies evaluate many factors, including a state’s business climate, operating costs, geographic location, infrastructure, and, perhaps most importantly, the availability of a skilled, talented workforce. As innovation advances and technology continues to transform industries, ensuring companies have access to a workforce with the necessary skills is critical for states to remain competitive. 

According to CNBC, Arizona is winning “the biggest battle in the war between states for business” with its ranking as one of the top two states in the country for attracting a skilled workforce. Our state also consistently ranks high in many other third-party assessments of labor supply. Labor market data provider Emsi named Arizona’s most populous county, Maricopa, as number one in the nation for talent attraction in 2018. 

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Tuesday, July 24 2018
How Arizona is Embracing Diversity and Advancing Innovation

By Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority President & CEO

Arizona is unique place that embodies diversity. It’s known for its beautiful desert sunsets, its majestic saguaro cacti, and the world’s grandest canyon, but it’s also home of the world’s largest contiguous ponderosa pine forest, and the country’s southernmost ski area in Tucson. Phoenix, a desert oasis that is one of the largest cities in the U.S., and Flagstaff, a snowy mountain city known for its skiing, are less than 150 miles apart. A couple of times a year, the nation’s high and low temperature of the day are both in State 48. The country’s oldest Native American settlement (still inhabited) is a few hours’ drive from where Pluto was discovered. Yuma, in the southern part of Arizona, is America’s winter vegetable capital. Semiconductor manufacturing facilities, aerospace industry leaders, data centers, tech startups and are plentiful throughout the state, and corporate headquarters operations are increasingly choosing to locate there. It is home to Skybridge Arizona, the nation’s first inland air cargo processing facility to house both U.S. and Mexican Customs, and the most innovative university in the country three years running, Arizona State. 

When you consider the state’s incredible diversity of geography, industry, culture and its pro-business environment, it’s easy to understand why Arizona has become the premier place to advance new technologies – technologies that have scores of applications that can be developed across a broad spectrum of potential users. One of those emerging technologies is Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

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Tuesday, July 25 2017
Arizona: The Innovation Capital of the U.S.

By Sandra Watson, Arizona Commerce Authority President & CEO

Something big, bold and exciting is happening in the Grand Canyon State.

The state has emerged as a free market frontier where cutting-edge companies are testing and experimenting with autonomous vehicles and is becoming a hotspot for tech talent.

And month after month, it’s a popular destination for California companies looking to expand, relocate and scale their ideas without burdensome regulations.

Arizona has established itself as the new champion for innovation in the United States.

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Monday, July 25 2016
Geography Propels Arizona's Expansion Economy

Arizona has the distinction of being the only state in the nation within a day’s drive of some of the world’s biggest and dynamic markets, including California, Texas and Mexico.

That is a game-changing advantage in the globally-competitive world of job creation and business expansion. Picture this: A truck departing from Phoenix, Flagstaff or Tucson, or from points east and west of that corridor, is capable of reaching 65 million people in a day’s drive. Yes, 65 million people. Southern California alone is an easily accessible market of 23.3 million people for Arizona. 

As history has proven, geography can be destiny. 

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