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Tuesday, June 04 2019
Resin Carrier Chooses Savannah as Export Gateway

Plastic Express, a leader in plastic resins packaging and transportation, has announced plans to expand operations with two new facilities creating 166 new jobs in the Savannah market.

Along with Capital Development Partners, the company is investing more than $172 million at the Port Logistics Center in Pooler, less than 10 miles from the Port of Savannah. 

“We are excited that Plastic Express chose to expand their operations here in Georgia,” said Georgia Governor Brian Kemp. “The company’s impact will not only be felt in terms of job creation and investment, but they will be one of the top five export customers for the Georgia Ports Authority.” 

Headquartered in Industry, California, Plastic Express has trucking terminals, warehouse facilities, transloading docks, and packaging plants across the country, including a bulk transload facility in Dalton, Georgia. The company plans to be in the new facility by Oct. 1, 2019. 

“We are very happy to plant our flag in Savannah,” said Ray Hufnagel, Plastic Express President and CEO. “Plastic Express has been searching for a strategic opportunity in every viable port location in the Southeast for a few years. The impressiveness of the Port of Savannah’s operations along with Georgia’s welcoming business climate has made Savannah the clear and obvious choice for us.” 

Trip Tollison, Savannah Economic Development Authority President and CEO, said the high-wage jobs associated with Plastic Express will have a positive impact on the local economy. “We look forward to a long relationship and watching them grow in Savannah.” 

Plastic Express will immediately become one of the largest export customers at the Port of Savannah, moving approximately 25,000 containers – or nearly 50,000 twenty-foot equivalent container units – each year. The company exports resin pellets and resin powders to Europe, North Africa, South America and Asia. Hufnagel said the raw materials are used to make items such as food storage containers and construction supplies.

“This is a game-changer and makes Georgia a leader in the Southeast for the export of resins,” said Georgia Ports Authority Executive Director Griff Lynch. “With growth accelerating in the American energy sector, Gulf-area refineries will require alternate export capacity, and the Port of Savannah stands ready to serve that need.” 

Georgia Department of Economic Development Commissioner Pat Wilson called the Plastic Express announcement “a fantastic win for our state.”

“Georgia’s logistics infrastructure is one of the state’s greatest economic development assets and plays a critical role in creating jobs and investment opportunities in Georgia,” Wilson said. 

About Plastic Express 
Plastic Express is dedicated to providing custom-tailored and logistical solutions to fit the needs of its customers. Since 1970, the company has met the bulk trucking, bulk terminal, packaging, and warehousing needs of the plastics industry. Plastic Express has also grown its business beyond the plastics industry, with its PX Services Division specializing in materials including steel, paper, lumber, and other industrial, consumer and forest products.

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Tuesday, June 04 2019
The Pennsylvania Advantage

The global economy demands fast-paced innovation at all levels, and Pennsylvania is getting the job done—from pioneering the latest technological and scientific advances and developing collaborative support networks for early-stage entrepreneurs, to pursuing smart, creative approaches to community development and workforce training.

The life sciences have played an important role in Pennsylvania since its founding, where it was home to the first U.S. hospital and innovations like the first mechanical blood pump, polio vaccine, and others. Now, a national leader in testing and medical labs, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals, the state’s life sciences ecosystem is driven by thoughtful leadership and businesses, world-class R&D institutions, top-notch universities and incubators, and strategic investments in venture capital, technology, and infrastructure. 

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Tuesday, June 04 2019
Open for Business, Open to the World

By Jens-Michael Schaal, Senior Economic Officer, New York

Ontario is Open for Business

My home province of Ontario, Canada is no latecomer to the age of innovation. The people of the province have a history of discovery that has long impressed the outer corners of the globe. It’s why Ontario remains a top destination for companies looking to expand their business.

While our past has cemented us as a destination ripe for growth, our promising future is what drives some of the world’s biggest companies to plant roots in the province. From Google to Uber, GM to Etsy, when a company invests in Ontario, they know they will be among some of the most successful businesses of our time.

But Ontario is more than just a destination for global powerhouses. It’s humble in its origins as a place where entrepreneurship thrives. The start-up ecosystem in the province is alive and well, with incubators riddled throughout the province and ready to mold the companies of the next generation.

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Tuesday, June 04 2019
New Mexico is the New Destination for Video Game Development

It’s no secret that New Mexico has become a premier destination for the film industry. Independence Day: Resurgence, The Mule, Better Call Saul, and Breaking Bad are just a few of the most recent films and TV shows that have shot in New Mexico. This is in part thanks to the Refundable Film and Media Tax Credit, an incentive that rebates 25-30 percent of most film and digital media production expenses incurred in New Mexico.  

The growth of the film industry has resulted in some major payoffs such as spurring the state’s universities to create related degree programs, generating relevant talent, and attracting Netflix to Albuquerque. Netflix recently purchased ABQ Studios and plans on spending $1 billion dollars on production over the next 10 years and creating up to 1,000 production jobs in the state per year.

But it’s also opened the door for a new industry – video game development – to grow in New Mexico. There is a wealth of relevant talent for that industry, the Refundable Film Tax Credit applies not just to film, but to all forms of digital media – including video games – and the overall cost structure of the state is dramatically lower than the places where the industry is currently concentrated.

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Monday, June 03 2019
The Iowa Advantage

You may not be aware that Iowa is the No. 1 state in the nation as ranked by U.S. News & World Report (2018). Iowa takes pride in this honor and is committed to exceeding expectations by revealing the “real” Iowa. At all levels across the public and private sectors, the state remains committed to continuing its upward trend, fostering an environment where businesses can succeed and achieve sustained growth.

Why Iowa? Take a Closer Look.  

Those on the front lines of economic development in the state are always eager to answer this question. Though there are a variety of factors that make the state a best-in-class destination for businesses, a few are particularly noteworthy:

Pro-business environment: Businesses in Iowa have benefited from a low cost of doing business, robust infrastructure and continued support from a responsive state government.

Skilled and stable workforce: Public and private entities throughout the state have invested in offering apprenticeships, internships and other professional development opportunities to our workforce in an effort to close the skills gap.

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Monday, June 03 2019
Laying the Foundation for California's 'Green' Economy

From Zero Emission Vehicles to Artificial Intelligence

California's economic growth rate continues to lead the nation in several key metrics, including job growth, foreign direct investments and venture capital deals. Governor Brown’s climate action and sustainability goals are spurring innovation in emerging technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption while laying the foundation for California’s ‘green’ economy.

Leading California’s activities to encourage private sector attraction and expansion is the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). GO-Biz is the one-stop shop for investors, businesses, site selection consultants and all economic development stakeholders interested in accessing resources or learning more about financing opportunities and incentives in California. The list of services offered at GO-Biz ranges from navigating federal, state and local incentives and permit requirements, connecting foreign investors with California projects, overseeing the state’s 14 Innovation Hubs (iHubs), and managing the state’s highly-successful California Competes Tax Credit program.

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