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Friday, November 29 2019
Wyoming Balances Environment and Industry

Always eager for economic diversification, Wyoming has created and implemented innovative programs to smooth the path of growing or relocating a business in the state. As the nation’s workforce tires of hectic big-city life and remote technology continually evolves, Wyoming offers the best of both worlds—job opportunities with low taxes, as well as slower, safer, small-town living. And, while many states grapple with balancing environmental preservation and industrial growth, Wyoming has been balancing the two for decades.

The mineral extraction industry – right alongside the outdoor-inspired tourism industry and agriculture industry – is the heart and heritage of Wyoming. The equation adds up to an industry-friendly culture and regulatory environment that is welcoming to all types of business. 

Innovative Solutions

Wyoming is the nation’s top coal producer and, as the market for coal shifts, state leaders are laying the foundation for the private sector to find innovative uses for both the coal itself and the carbon it produces. 

For example, the state helped fund the Integrated Test Center in Gillette, a $21 million state-of-the-art carbon capture research facility. It currently hosts five teams competing for the NRG COSIA Carbon XPRIZE, a $20-million global competition to develop technology that will convert CO2 emissions into other valuable products. The state has also invested in the world’s first and only carbontech accelerator, Carbon180. 

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Friday, November 29 2019
Come to New York: the State of the Future

For many years, Upstate New York was losing jobs and its population was dwindling in large part to the shift to a global economy that saw manufacturing and other jobs head out-of-state and overseas. Today, under the leadership and vision of Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, the Upstate economy is in the middle of a resurgence, with businesses growing and generating economic opportunities in communities – from Western New York and the Southern Tier to the North Country and Mid-Hudson regions.

New York is fueled by talent and resources that are leading smart, dynamic, innovative companies and new businesses to move and thrive in the state. At a time when the state’s taxes are at their lowest in decades and the private-sector jobs are at historic highs, New York is investing an additional $150 billion in the nation’s largest infrastructure program, reinforcing the state’s prime business location. 

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Friday, November 29 2019
You Don't Really Know South Carolina

Forget what you’ve heard about the benefits of doing business in the state of South Carolina. While the Palmetto state has proven time and time again to be the go-to-destination for business in the southeastern U.S. with success stories like BMW, Boeing, Volvo, LG, Giti Tire and countless others over the years. It’s easy to see why, given the sizable pool of skilled labor, top-notch training programs and facilities, the most business-friendly climate in the country, and a competitive incentives program are just a few of the things that make the state attractive. Cities like Greenville, Columbia and of course Charleston have become internationally recognized as a result.

But the site of South Carolina’s future success rests in the state’s northeastern corner.

Momentum has been quietly but steadily gaining in recent years, resulting in unprecedented amount of growth and positioning the region to take its place as South Carolina’s latest success story. If you aren’t familiar with the area that includes Myrtle Beach, Florence, and Georgetown then you’ve missed a lot already. 

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Friday, November 29 2019
The Secret is Out - Montana Has Been Discovered.

While Montana has long been known for its scenic beauty, rugged landscape and its history of extractive industries and productive agriculture, the Montana story has quickly evolved to include new and expanding industries that are accelerating the state’s innovation economy and leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit that will define Montana’s future. With the fifth-best business tax climate in the nation, the state is seeing a rapid influx of businesses from the coasts, as well as home-grown ventures. Montana has indeed been discovered, and businesses in the state are enjoying substantial economic and quality of life advantages over their rivals.

Montana’s flourishing high-tech sector has been growing rapidly and that pace is accelerating – now expanding nine times faster than the statewide economy, and generating $1.7 billion in revenues. High-tech firms have experienced 18 percent overall growth in the past year, and pay on average more than twice Montana’s median income. While many of these firms are homegrown, the number of tech sector companies relocating to Montana is also expanding as these firms seek a high quality of life for their employees and a soft landing for growing their business.

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Thursday, November 28 2019
Mississippi - Competing to Win

Most people know Mississippi for its music, its food and its Southern hospitality, but the state also is home to burgeoning industries that add millions of dollars to the economy and employ thousands of people.

It takes nearly five hours to drive the 325 miles from Hancock County along the state’s coast to Blue Springs., near the Tennessee line. Between those two places are aerospace and automotive companies known all over the world.

Mississippi’s strong business climate, which includes a dynamic workforce, has attracted companies that build everything from cars to rockets to the most advanced warships in the world.

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Thursday, November 28 2019
Colorado Rises a Mile High Above the Rest in Four Key Areas

By Jill McGranahan, Communications Manager, Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Colorado consistently ranks among one of the best states to live and do business. With its low unemployment rate and strong business growth, Colorado continues to enjoy a robust economy; one it doesn’t take for granted. Colorado’s strong economy is a direct result of a planned strategic approach to economic development defined by four key areas –Workforce and Education; Ideal Location; Accessibility; and Diverse Industries. 

Workforce and Education
Colorado’s workforce is highly educated, with 39 percent of the population possessing a bachelor’s degree or higher – the second highest percentage in the nation. By comparison, the national average is 30 percent. Colorado attracts talent from other states, ranking third among peer states for the rate of migration of individuals into the state with bachelor’s degrees or higher.

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Thursday, November 28 2019
Michigan Means Pure Opportunity

Everything you need to know about Michigan in seven words

Michigan has always been on the forefront of invention and progress. As the birthplace of the automotive industry, the state revolutionized advanced manufacturing. Businesses choose Michigan for its talented workforce, business-friendly environment, manufacturing and mobility expertise, and density of research and development expertise. Following are just some of the reasons why Michigan is the home for Pure Opportunity.

Michigan’s comeback story is legendary. Behind this economic prosperity is a state hard at work to ensure its continued growth and sustainability. Investing in Michigan is a smart choice thanks, in part, to the state’s business-friendly climate and favorable tax structure. Through a wide variety of programs and resources, Michigan also offers customized incentive packages for business attraction opportunities that create jobs and new investment. 

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Thursday, November 28 2019
Locating in Latin America

By Bob Cook, Senior Vice President, Latin America, Site Selection Group

The most successful countries in Latin America have created investment laws that encourage foreign direct investment and have assembled professional teams that can facilitate the establishment of operations inside their borders. As businesses consider Latin America for potential operations, it is important to conduct in-depth analysis on the labor force, infrastructure and the legal/regulatory environment in each country. You must also assess the risk environment in real time—looking comprehensively at the political environment, and any current or emerging issues that may directly impact the security of your people, facilities and supply chain. Be assured, however, there are a number of places in Latin America that will grade out favorably in all these measures. 

Why Latin America?

Most countries in Latin America can provide globally-competitive operating costs—particularly related to labor. Labor costs throughout Latin America will be significantly lower than those in the United States. Legal minimum wages in the region range between one-eighth to one-half of the U.S. minimum wage. Keep in mind, however, that other factors of production such as real estate and electricity will likely be higher than what companies may experience in the U.S. 

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