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Thursday, January 10 2019
A Bright Business Future in Florida

Competing in today’s global market can present challenges. Finding the right business location shouldn’t be one of them. Florida’s business-friendly environment enables companies to grow quickly. The state’s talented and diverse workforce, top-ranked infrastructure, global connectivity and quality of life promotes growth and the perfect work-life balance.

Innovation Thrives in Jacksonville
Over the course of 2018, the Jacksonville region has seen significant growth in new market relocations and expansions. The diversification of the region’s target industry mix was well represented with project wins in the focus areas of advanced transportation and logistics; financial services; health and biomedical; IT and innovation; and advanced manufacturing. Top projects included securing an eCommerce fulfilment center for Wayfair, with 250 jobs; relocation of nearly 80 roles for Rayonier Advanced Materials from Canada to its Jacksonville headquarters; and the opening of Chinese-based JinkoSolar’s first U.S. assembly facility of solar panels, with 200 jobs. 

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Meeting the Workforce Challenge in Kentucky

By Greg Gapsis and Jack Mazurak, Kentucky Cabinet for Economic Development

While no single state program can fill the private sector’s workforce needs, Kentucky leaders are confident their multi-faceted efforts implemented the past several years will provide the required long-term supply. In fact, Kentucky’s strategy is already paying off. 

The Road to a Tight Labor Market is Paved in Recovery
Climbing out of the Great Recession and accelerating through nearly a decade of economic boom presented Kentucky – like many states – with a new hurdle. The better the economy, the scarcer the available employees.

That conundrum bottlenecked growth at many businesses, forcing them to compete for workers, regardless of skill or training. Simultaneously, businesses shopping for new locations ranked workforce availability as their top requirement. That environmental shift made Kentucky and its many communities recognize the need to up their workforce game.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
A Premier, Diverse State for Business

By Mark Peterson, President & CEO of Intersect Illinois

With the world’s 17th largest economy, Illinois is the undisputed economic leader of the Midwest. In 2017, new and expanding companies invested $5.3 billion in the state of Illinois, creating more than 26,000 new jobs, including 551 new projects in 128 different cities.

There are countless factors that contribute to these companies continuing to choose an Illinois location. A company looking for a manufacturing facility on a massive amount of land has very different needs then a technology or financial services company looking to be in the heart of an urban center. But the answer always comes down to data, and Illinois can almost always provide the best location for businesses based on that data.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Corporate Site Selection in Mexico: Beyond Low Cost Opportunities and Toward High Value Opportunities

By Erick Brunet, Managing Director; Samuel Campos, Executive Managing Director; Bob Hess,Vice Chairman; and Gregg Wassmansdorf, Senior Managing Director of NKF Global Strategy

Business expansion opportunities in Mexico are many but not without location decision challenges.

Physically, the country possesses a land area that would cover almost half of the entire European Union’s territory. This large and varied territory is home to almost 130 million inhabitants, more than three times the population of Canada and about 40 percent of the United States.  By far the largest metropolitan area in the country is Mexico City with over 20 million people, making it the largest urban region in North America, followed by Guadalajara and Monterrey with approximately 4.6 million people, which makes them similar in size to the Boston and Phoenix metros.

When considering diverse country characteristics and the many factors that drive business location decision-making (sites, utilities, labor market skills, transportation, crime realities and quality of life for personnel, etc.), it becomes clearer that it can be very challenging to select the right place within Mexico that will provide the optimal cost and operational conditions. This article highlights some of the history, regional traits, and factors that are influencing business location strategy in Mexico today.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Ohio's Advantages Give Companies an Edge

Ohio is the birthplace of some of the world’s greatest inventions – the airplane, the lightbulb, the traffic light and even Superman. It is also the home of several significant “firsts.” The first FDA-approved, 3D-printed pharmaceutical was made in Ohio. Ohio is the first state to allow businesses to pay taxes using Bitcoin. And in 2018, the London Stock Exchange Group launched in Ohio its first ELITE USA business training program designed to support business leaders in their growth aspirations.

Reputable brands such as Fortune, Ernst & Young and the International Economic Development Council have recognized Ohio for its unique assets that favor business. These assets help explain why Ohio is the only state to have two cities named to Forbes’ list of “Top 10 Rising Cities for Startups.”

This momentum has sent a strong message that Ohio is a great state for business, attracting companies in a variety of industries and of all sizes, including entrepreneurs, middle-market businesses and Fortune 500 corporations.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
Washington State: The Shape of Things to Come

The Jetsons, a cartoon about life in the future, lasted just a year on TV. But its bold vision of the year 2062 – with its autonomous vehicles, push-button luxuries and buildings that floated magically in the sky – has become immortalized in pop culture.

Seattle’s iconic Space Needle served as animator Iwao Takamoto’s inspiration for The Jetsons’ city of the future. In many ways, Washington was already leading the way.

Today, thousands of Washington companies are creating a Jetsonian future. From autonomous vehicles and sophisticated robotics to satellite constellations and targeted cancer therapies, Washington is a place where the impossible becomes commonplace and the world of tomorrow lies just beyond the horizon.

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Thursday, January 10 2019
A Vision for Growth

State of Nebraska Celebrates Economic Achievements While Looking Toward the Future

When Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts addressed state and local leaders during the annual Governor’s Economic Development Summit in July 2018, there was plenty to talk about in terms of the past year’s achievements.

In recent years, Nebraska has seen phenomenal job-creating investments across the State, with accomplishmets such as Costco’s progress on building a major poultry processing facility in the city of Fremont, Kawasaki’s expansion with a U.S. aerostructures division in Lincoln, Facebook’s investment in a data center in Papillion and Becton Dickinson’s expansion in the cities of Columbus and Holdrege. The State was also acknowledged for the second-consecutive year by Site Selection magazine for achieving the most economic development projects per capita of any state in the nation.

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