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Wednesday, May 30 2018
Working Smart in Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania is leading the way for successful businesses and communities with innovation, imagination, and a legendary can-do spirit. The global economy demands fast-paced innovation at all levels, and Pennsylvania is getting the job done — from pioneering the latest technological and scientific advances and developing collaborative support networks for early-stage entrepreneurs, to pursuing smart, creative approaches to community development and workforce training.

Perfectly Located
We know companies aren’t confined by borders, and neither are we. With an optimal location in the heart of nearly 40 percent of the U.S. population and 60 percent of Canada’s population, in proximity to four of the 10 largest U.S. markets, and situated midway between the financial and regulatory hubs on the East Coast, Pennsylvania offers high connectivity and quality of life to both domestic and international businesses. The state's strategic Northeast location offers prime access for global companies to top U.S. markets, especially the U.S. East Coast and the Midwest.

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Wednesday, May 30 2018
An Intelligent Move: Cultivating Top Talent in Ontario for AI Research & Development

By Jens-Michael Schaal, Consul and Senior Economic Officer, Ontario International – New York Trade and Investment Office

When machines learn at an ever-rapid pace, how do people cultivate their own skills to make tomorrow’s advances even more remarkable?

Across Ontario, companies are using artificial intelligence (AI) to achieve what used to be unthinkable. In medicine, one start-up is developing a noninvasive AI alternative to painful biopsies for earlier detection of skin cancer; another—founded by two University of Toronto grad students—is creating an AI platform to diagnose dementia and related conditions more efficiently. Meanwhile, researchers at the University of Toronto recently discovered 6,000 new craters on the moon, of all things, thanks to neural network technology.

Clearly, computers are becoming more and more capable, and that means there’s a growing need for people with not just the vision, but also the skills to take this technology into the next frontier. According to a recent New York Times article, “…there is a shortage of talent, and the big companies are trying to land as much of it as they can. Solving tough AI problems is not like building the flavor-of-the-month smartphone app.”

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
Opportunities for International Success on New Mexico's Border

It was El Paso, now ­­it’s Santa Teresa.

Just 23 minutes from El Paso, one New Mexico town is proving that leveraging New Mexico’s ingenuity, partnerships, natural advantages, business friendly environment, and incentives can make big things happen.

New Mexico can talk about incentives and pro-growth policies, and their rural jobs tax credits, or tout their single sales factor tax policy, gross receipts tax reductions and renewable energy production tax credits all of which help businesses in the state. They could also talk about how the state makes investments and makes it easy to get the infrastructure companies need. New Mexico can also talk about their growing technology sectors, amazing quality of life for employees, low effective tax rates and much more.

But, more impressively, they are able to point to how all of that is making a difference.

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
Why Georgia is the Best State for All Businesses

Georgia’s position as the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business didn’t happen by chance. Companies all over the world continue to call Georgia home because of its thriving business-friendly environment, logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, high-speed connectivity, and educational institutions.

The goal of the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) is to create quality jobs and investment opportunities in Georgia by taking a very integrated approach. Not only does the state recruit traditional industrial development that is essential to Georgia’s economy, but also welcomes millions of visitors who are traveling from around the world to explore this great state, supports thriving and record-breaking creative and entertainment industries, provides companies with resources to grow and reach new international markets, and works with universities, technical colleges and communities to establish a strong workforce.  

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
Options for Companies in Delaware

By Gary Haber, Delaware Division of Small  Business

Businesses have options in Delaware. Companies considering moving to Delaware will find affordable labor costs, a productive and educated workforce and a state government taking a forward-thinking approach to economic development.

Couple this with Delaware’s central location and low tax burden – no sales tax or inventory tax – and you have a recipe for business success. Delaware’s specialized Chancery Court, devoted to handling business-related matters, makes doing business easier and is part of why more than half the publicly-traded companies in the U.S. – including two-thirds of the Fortune 500 – make Delaware their corporate home.

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Tuesday, May 29 2018
California - Setting the Pace for a 21st Century Global Economy

From Zero Emission Vehicles to Artificial Intelligence

Today, California is the 5th largest economy in the world behind only the United States, China, Japan and Germany. The state’s economic growth rate is nearly double the U.S., and the Golden State continues to lead the nation in several key metrics, including job growth, foreign direct investments and venture capital deals. In addition, California has the largest corporate tax credit program in the country, the largest film credit, the largest tourism marketing budget and was the first state to offer online applications for business incentives. Moreover, Governor Brown’s climate action and sustainability goals are spurring innovation in emerging technologies that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption while laying the foundation for California’s ‘green’ economy.

Leading California’s activities to encourage private sector attraction and expansion is the Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz). GO-Biz is the one-stop shop for investors, businesses, site selection consultants and all economic development stakeholders interested in accessing resources or learning more about financing opportunities and incentives in California. The list of services offered at GO-Biz ranges from navigating federal, state and local incentives and permit requirements, connecting foreign investors with California projects, overseeing the state’s 14 Innovation Hubs (iHubs), and managing the state’s highly-successful California Competes Tax Credit program.

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