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Tuesday, November 20 2018
Locating in Latin America - FDI Trends Showing Increased Interest

By Bob Cook, Senior Vice President, Latin America, Site Selection Group

The most successful countries in Latin America have created investment laws that encourage foreign direct investment and have assembled professional teams that can facilitate the establishment of operations inside their borders. As you consider Latin America for potential operations, it is important to conduct in-depth analysis on the labor force, infrastructure and the legal/regulatory environment in each country. You must also assess the risk environment in real time—looking comprehensively at the political environment, and any current or emerging issues that may directly impact the security of your people, facilities and supply chain. Be assured, however, there are a number of places in Latin America that will grade out favorably in all these measures.

The Site Selection Group has facilitated both manufacturing operations and white collar operations (such as BPO and call centers) across the region, particularly in Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil. To find the right location for our clients, we utilize a mixture of purchased data, open source information and primary research conducted by our team of consultants. Purchased data and open source information is typically used to filter down to a narrow list of potentially desirable cities for a given operation.

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Tuesday, November 20 2018
North Dakota Leading the Nation in Drone Business

North Dakota has long attracted entrepreneurs to the plains. From advancements in farming to oil recovery techniques, many a new idea and technology has found a start in its fertile landscape. Now, a digital, tech-savvy generation is making its way to the state to connect with expertise and excitement as North Dakota positions itself to become the Silicon Valley of the drone industry.

“North Dakota is not positioning to become a leader; it already is one,” North Dakota Economic Development & Finance Division Director John Schneider said. “It is the best state to test drones in and has provided more than $43 million to advance UAS technology and applications.”

Schneider points to the fact the state is collaborating with domestic and international organizations to build this emerging industry. “We are becoming the Silicon Valley for Drones,” he says.

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Tuesday, November 20 2018
Breaking New Ground: Iowa Is Shovel-Ready

Businesses ready to expand need look no further than the center of America’s heartland. With 22 development-ready locations and nine other sites working toward designation, companies can more easily find the right option for their needs, on an accelerated timeline thanks to the Iowa Certified Site Program.

The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) rolled out the Iowa Certified Site Program in 2012 to ensure the state has a strong portfolio of project-ready industrial sites. Unlike some states who certify shovel-ready sites by their own criteria (which can vary widely from state to state), Iowa’s certification program uses nationally recognized standards and an independent, third-party site selection firm, Quest Site Solutions.

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Tuesday, November 20 2018
Wyoming Blazes Trail in Blockchain, Carbon Capture

From our bustling main streets to our remote country homesteads, Wyoming is well-known for its fresh air, outdoor recreation opportunities and fantastic quality of life. Ours is a culture built on independence, tireless work ethic and fearless innovation – three qualities that have shaped Wyoming’s heritage and will see it into a prosperous future.

As Wyoming’s banner industry – mineral extraction – faces a challenging outlook, state leaders and residents have approached the state’s need to diversify with urgency and enthusiasm, and Wyoming is well on its way to making a name for itself in some unexpected ways.

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Monday, November 19 2018
The Secret is Out - Montana Has Been Discovered

While Montana has long been known for its scenic beauty, rugged landscape and its history of extractive industries and productive agriculture, the Montana story has quickly evolved to include new and expanding industries that are accelerating the state’s innovation economy and leveraging the entrepreneurial spirit that will define Montana’s future. With the fifth-best business tax climate in the nation, the state is seeing a rapid influx of businesses from the coasts, as well as home-grown ventures. Montana has indeed been discovered, and businesses in the state are enjoying substantial economic and quality of life advantages over their rivals.

Montana’s flourishing high-tech sector has been growing rapidly and that pace is accelerating – now expanding nine times faster than the statewide economy, and generating $1.7 billion in revenues. High-tech firms have experienced 18 percent overall growth in the past year, and pay on average more than twice Montana’s median income. While many of these firms are homegrown, the number of tech sector companies relocating to Montana is also expanding as these firms seek a high quality of life for their employees and a soft landing for growing their business.

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Monday, November 19 2018
Innovation, Technology and Manufacturing: Part of the Michigan DNA

Michigan is not just a state. Michigan inspires and cultivates big ideas and the leading-edge thinkers and doers behind them. From the pioneering advancements in assembly-line production in the early 1900s that made the Model T and car ownership for American workers a reality, to today’s groundbreaking research, testing and technologies driving the mobility revolution, innovation and manufacturing have been, and remain, an integral part of Michigan’s DNA.

This rich industrial heritage and culture of innovation are continuing to transform the way the world moves and works, while also permeating every industry in the state. It’s the bedrock of Michigan’s economy, attracting businesses from across the globe looking for the best place to set up shop or expand their operations.

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Monday, November 19 2018
Manufacturing and Innovation Legacies Support New Industries

A new vision for New York’s Capital Region

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals is a company defined by vision. Its first blockbuster drug, Eylea, approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 2011, improves the vision of people suffering from age-related macular degeneration. Demonstrating its long-term vision, the biopharmaceutical company in 1993 – 15 years before it had a FDA-approved medicine – acquired the upstate New York facility where its products are now manufactured. That facility is at the University at Albany’s Health Sciences Campus in East Greenbush, Rensselaer County, less than four miles southeast of the Capitol Building in Albany.

The company, headquartered in Tarrytown, Westchester County, has gone from employing 170 in East Greenbush before its first medicine was approved by the FDA in 2008 to more than 2,500 today. Statewide, Regeneron employs more than 6,500, making it New York’s largest biotech company. And it is envisioning an even larger presence in the upstate region. Last September, Regeneron announced plans for an $800 million expansion of its laboratory space, manufacturing capacity and warehouse facilities in Rensselaer County and the creation of 1,500 jobs throughout the greater Capital Region.

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Monday, November 19 2018
Powerful Experienced Workforce Drives Region's Success

Workforce of nearly one million within sixty miles of the region's geographical center

With the global marketplace continuing to evolve, companies need a location that offers operational stability and logistical advantages that translate into long term profitability. Beyond that, companies need to know that the communities in which they are located will provide them with an ongoing support system that will help them address utility or workforce issues that they may encounter. Being in a responsive and engaged community is more important than ever.

The North Eastern Strategic Alliance (NESA), a regional non-profit economic development organization in the northeastern corner of South Carolina, has a plethora of opportunities to offer companies to help them control costs and maximize profits. As an organization, NESA is tasked with working with companies to locate manufacturing, distribution, and back office facilities to identify real estate, and help find workforce solutions.

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Monday, November 19 2018
Mississippi - We Play to Win

From auto to aero and every sector in-between, companies of all sizes and backgrounds know they can achieve success with a Mississippi location. With a business-friendly environment and collaborative, can-do attitude among state, regional and local leaders, Mississippi encourages companies to expand existing operations or locate new facilities in the state. As a manufacturing magnet, Mississippi consistently recruits top-tier companies with a highly-skilled and highly-motivated workforce.

In April, Toyota Mississippi announced plans to create new production lines at its automotive manufacturing plant in Blue Springs. The expansion represents a $170 million investment and will create 400 additional jobs by spring 2019. The plant currently employs 1,500 direct workers, with 2,000 workers total on site.

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