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Thursday, June 01 2017
Making it Easy in Idaho

By Idaho Commerce

Idaho continues to receive national and international attention. We regularly appear in the top 10 of several key rankings. We recently captured the #1 ranking for states with the fastest job growth, the most job satisfaction, the largest percentage increase of employment, and in-migration moves of residents. For travelers, Vogue magazine ranked Idaho as one of the best places to travel worldwide as a vacation destination. It is safe to say that Idaho is officially no longer a well-kept secret in the Intermountain West. People and businesses alike have discovered why Idaho is a great state to live, work, play, and do business – because we make it easy.

This ease of business and life is reflected in Idaho’s financial success with real gross domestic product increasing by 2.8 percent in the second quarter of 2016 – the third largest increase nationally – and wage growth of 4.2 percent in the second quarter of 2016 – twice the national average.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
Why Ontario is Poised to Cure the World's Most Devastating Diseases

By Dr. Reza Moridi, Minister of Research, Innovation and Science, Province of Ontario

Realizing great ideas in the fields of regenerative medicine and life sciences, then presenting them to market is a challenge. It requires the precise combination of talent, support from private and public partners, and a competitive intellectual property regime. Furthermore, breakthroughs often require an interdisciplinary team of biologists, chemists, engineers and even physicists, along with a company ready to shoulder significant risks and capital to achieve results. Few places in the world are as concentrated with these necessary components such as Ontario, Canada.
The province of Ontario is Canada’s largest life sciences hub, with innovative leaders engaged in every facet of the industry—from diagnostic imaging to gene therapy and neuroscience. Ontario is already home to numerous major medical breakthroughs and innovations, and four of the top 10 Canadian research hospitals, which attract more than USD$1.92 billion in sponsored research income.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
Work Smart in Pennsylvania

In a world that demands fast-paced innovation at all levels, Pennsylvania embodies the imagination and can-do spirit that businesses need to compete and thrive. The Keystone State’s unparalleled wealth of assets allow companies to work smarter and grow. From the robust entrepreneurial ecosystem and top-rated universities to the skilled workforce and prime location to key markets, Pennsylvania continues to deliver the resources businesses need to succeed in today’s global economy.

Access to Markets
Pennsylvania’s geographic proximity to key markets and global decision makers provide companies with a prime location to do business. The state is located within a day’s drive of 60 percent of the United States and Canadian populations, including six of the 10 largest markets in the United States. This fact alone attracts companies who want to reach customers, suppliers and markets quickly, and Pennsylvania’s comprehensive transportation network ensures this happens.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
Oklahoma - Racking in the Wins

Oklahoma continues to rack up the wins, and it’s no surprise why. The state consistently boasts one of the lowest costs of doing business in the country. During the second half of 2016, companies like Boeing and General Electric (GE) held grand openings of new facilities in the Sooner State, bringing new, high-paying jobs and impressive levels of investment. And Google’s $1.2 billion expansion brought the company’s total investment in Oklahoma to more than $2 billion.

The state offers distinct advantages to businesses seeking to relocate or expand, including a low cost of living, a state government determined to support businesses and to grow the labor force, a regulatory climate that is both responsible and reasonable, and an educated, flexible and committed workforce. Governor Mary Fallin has made it a key priority to give Oklahomans a better quality of life, primarily by creating jobs and strengthening the economy.

The state offers a wide range of industrial parks, each offering unique benefits to the businesses located on the premises.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
Georgia Continues to Lead in Economic Development

Georgia’s position as the No. 1 state in the nation in which to do business didn’t happen by chance. Companies all over the world continue to call Georgia home because of its high-speed connectivity, logistics infrastructure, skilled workforce, educational institutions and business-friendly environment.

The goal for the Georgia Department of Economic Development (GDEcD) is to create quality jobs and investment opportunities in Georgia and they are taking a very integrated approach. Not only does the state recruit traditional industrial development that is essential to Georgia’s economy, but welcomes millions of visitors traveling from around the world to explore this great state, support thriving and record-breaking creative and entertainment industries, provide companies with resources to grow and reach new international markets and work with universities, technical colleges and communities to establish a strong workforce.  

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Thursday, June 01 2017
California: The Most Innovative Economy in the World

California has the most innovative economy in the world. The state is home to legendary tech giants such as Apple ($635 billion) and Google ($561 billion) that have consistently dominated the list of most valuable companies, as well as 51 Fortune 500 companies and seven of the 20 highest ranking global brands. Thanks to a prestigious talent pool, a mass of resources, and a social climate geared toward progressive thinking, California provides the perfect breeding ground for innovation at its finest.

The first concern that most business owners have about relocating to California is that it is one of the most expensive states in the country. Taking California state taxes and regulations into account, California is still the most profitable state in the country and is 2156 percent more profitable than Texas, 38 percent more profitable than New York, and 291 percent more profitable than Philadelphia.

But what if you’re not a technology behemoth bringing in billions in revenue a quarter? Even if you remove technology and telecommunications companies from the equation, California is still the most profitable in the country.

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