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Friday, March 20 2015
Your Profit Center in Asia

Malaysia today is one of the world's top locations for offshore manufacturing and service-based operations as reflected in the presence of companies such as Agilent, General Electric, Intel, Baker Hughes, The Hershey Company and IBM. The presence of multinational corporations (MNCs) has stimulated the development of local supporting industries. With the rise of local vendors, more foreign companies are attracted to Malaysia to avail themselves to the supply chain and ecosystem that have been created over the years. Many of the existing foreign companies have also continued to show their confidence in the country's potentials as an investment location by expanding and diversifying, particularly in high technology projects. 

Malaysia is a vibrant investment destination. Other than manufacturing, the Malaysian government is also strengthening the services industries as a part of its strategy to diversify and improve the competitiveness and resilience of the economy of the country. The global operations hub, and regional establishments, which include Operational Headquarters (OHQs), International Procurement  Centres (IPCs) and  Regional Distribution Centres (RDCs), as well as business and professional services, distributive trade, construction services, education and training services, tourism services, health services, ICT services and logistic services are among those activities promoted.

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Friday, March 20 2015
The Texas Millennium

Texas is the case study on the enduring power – and folly – of stereotype.

Ask someone to describe Texas, and their words invariably will paint a rustic portrait of cowboys on horseback, tumbleweeds and oil derricks. But visit Texas today, and just about the only place you’ll find that picture is on the wall of a history museum.

From its roots in agriculture and oil, over the past thirty years the Texas economy has transformed into one of the most diverse and powerful in America. 

Agriculture and oil, staples of centuries past, no longer monopolize the economic landscape. In fact, today the oil and gas industry employs a mere 2.7 percent of Texas workers. Severance taxes fund less than 6 percent of the state’s budget, down from 18 percent in the early 1980s.

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Friday, March 20 2015
Illinois -

Bruce Rauner was sworn in as the 42nd Governor of Illinois on Jan. 12, 2015. As a result of his election and promises of change, Republicans have won the state’s top job for the first time in more than a decade. 

His goal as governor is to create a more prosperous state, where everyone has an opportunity to succeed. The governor is focused on delivering value for taxpayers, creating a pro-jobs economic climate, ensuring world-class schools and educational options for every Illinoisan.

One of the many issues the new Governor will tackle in the first few months of office will be the state’s economic performance and his plan to “jump-start the economy.”  Jobs and economic growth will likely be stimulated by reducing the state’s current income tax rate, freezing property taxes and reducing regulatory burdens to become more competitive with its neighbors.

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Wednesday, March 18 2015
The State of Economic Opportunity

When Governor Andrew Cuomo took office in January 2011, the state’s economy was in terrible condition: taxes and spending were too high, and businesses and jobs were leaving New York. However, a lot can change in a few short years, and under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, New York has made significant progress, cutting red tape and tackling the challenges that have stunted the state’s economic potential far too long. We have been dedicated to implementing a comprehensive economic development strategy to reverse these trends and it has produced strong results: the creation and retention of hundreds of thousands of jobs, the transformation of a $10 billion deficit into a multi-billion dollar surplus, and lower taxes for all businesses and New Yorkers.

In January, the Governor combined his State of the State address and Executive Budget proposal to outline a bold and comprehensive agenda for New York State. Geared towards continuing the state’s forward momentum and ensuring that New York is a place people want to live and do business, we are creating a “State of Opportunity” where companies are thriving and industries are flourishing, creating critical private sector jobs for hard-working New Yorkers.

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Wednesday, March 18 2015
Meet Steve Arwood: Michigan's New Point Man for Economic Development Talent

He may have the longest title on a business card in state government –Michigan Economic Development Corporation (MEDC) Chief Executive Officer, Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) President and Chairman, and Department of Talent and Economic Development (TED) Director. While Steve Arwood is a man with many titles, he has been tapped by Governor Rick Snyder for one mission: Accelerate Michigan’s reinvention.

Appointed MEDC CEO in January, Arwood is charged with implementing and executing MEDC’s core mission of business development and attraction, community development, providing access to capital, and improving Michigan’s image and brand.

Arwood also serves as MSF President and Chair, where he oversees an 11-member board with broad authority to promote economic development and create jobs.

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Tuesday, March 17 2015
Business Climate Gains Build Investor Interest

When IBM Senior Vice President Colleen Arnold stepped to the microphone at CenturyLink headquarters in Monroe, Louisiana, she did so with full knowledge of what a business partnership in the state can mean. The Fortune 500 companies already did significant business together in advancing IT solutions and internet Protocol-based applications in the telecommunications sector. In February 2015, they cemented their relationship further by announcing a new 400-job application development and innovation center in Monroe.

“We’re proud to be part of this innovative public-private partnership with the State of Louisiana and CenturyLink to further develop highly-valued skills and solutions expertise in security, analytics and mobility applications,” said Arnold, whose management of sales and distribution includes responsibility for IBM’s worldwide results. “Louisiana is the right place for high-tech job growth with an exceptional education system, business environment and workforce to serve the needs of our clients.”

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Tuesday, March 17 2015
A State That Works for Composite Innovation

Breakthroughs in composite manufacturing and 3-D printing are opening up amazing possibilities, not just in the way we make things in the 21st century, but in the potential to design entirely new products that were difficult even to conceive only a few short years ago. Innovative materials and processes are making it a reality to engineer product-specific compounds that allow new ideas to take shape from the inside out. Indiana is moving past the structural limitations of bending, welding, machining and fastening, and is now layering composites in the finished shape and structure of anything the state wants to build. 

It’s a new science and a new reality that is touching every industry on the planet, and it’s happening right here in Indiana. Aerospace, motorsports, orthopedics, computer science, energy and education are all being catapulted into a new realm of possibilities where products are stronger, lighter and more affordable than any time in our history. Most importantly, it’s not just happening in the science lab, it’s happening in our daily lives. 

Composites like carbon fiber are the new standard in things like golf clubs, tennis rackets, cycling helmets and even the soles of our running shoes. We’ve seen these materials elevate the performance and efficiency of airplanes, spacecraft and race cars for years now, but carbon fiber is also finding its way into our personal cars with vehicles like the BMW i3 and M3 already in the consumer marketplace. These materials are beginning to reach a price point that will make them affordable in design applications where heavier metal alloys have been the traditional standard, which should be a game-changer for the automotive industry. 

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