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Monday, January 26 2015
Mississippi: Where the World's Most Advanced Manufacturing Takes Flight

Global aerospace leaders are calling Mississippi home in growing numbers. Compelling business advantages like the state’s low operating costs, minimal tax burden, easy access to U.S. and international markets and proximity to important military installations have attracted numerous aviation companies to the state, and they are thriving as a result Mississippi’s productive, well-trained workforce.

The state works with its network of 15 community colleges and universities to create customized training programs to meet companies’ specific needs. These programs equip employees with the skills they need to ensure the success of aerospace companies in the state. Mississippians are now engaged in the production everything from helicopters to unmanned aerial vehicles to composite jet engine components.

In fact, Mississippi has played an integral role in the continued growth and success of aviation leaders like GE Aviation,  Rolls-Royce, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, Airbus Group, Northrop Grumman, Aurora Flight Sciences, and Stark Aerospace.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Winning Competitive Projects and Bringing Jobs to the State

Florida understands what it takes to do business and stands ready to welcome businesses with a talented workforce, top-ranked infrastructure, global connectivity and great quality of life. Its business-friendly legislature, favorable tax climate, and large market can help businesses get up-and-running quickly. The state supports a multi-modal infrastructure for more than 19.5 million residents and nearly 95 million tourists each year. Also, Florida consistently ranks among the best states for business, thanks to its pro-business state tax policies, competitive cost of doing business and streamlined regulatory environment.

Florida’s government and economic development leaders work together to ensure that the state’s business climate remains favorable to companies of all sizes, including some of the nation’s leading corporations. Florida is working on legislative, fiscal and marketplace initiatives such as insurance tort reform, targeted industry incentives and many more. The state is also one of only a few right-to-work states in the U.S.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Great Things are Happening in Kansas

Businesses have created more than 50,000 new private sector jobs in the state during the past four years. Over the past three years, state exports have risen more than 26 percent. New business formations have set state records for two consecutive years. Entrepreneurs and businesses across a wide range of industries are thriving in the Sunflower State.

An outstanding business environment has helped build this momentum. From tax policy to infrastructure to the workforce, Kansas has the policies and resources designed to help businesses succeed, grow, invest and create jobs.

Kansas is an affordable place to start and operate a business. Most small businesses pay no state income tax, allowing them to invest more money and take advantage of opportunities for future growth. The state has no personal property tax, no inventory tax and no franchise tax. Kansas also features a payroll withholding tax retention program and sales tax exemptions.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Kentucky's Aerospace Industry Shooting for the Moon... Literally

"Are we science fiction fans? Oh yeah,” answers Dr. Benjamin Malphrus, laughing. Malphrus is director of the Space Science Center at Morehead State University in eastern Kentucky. He and his team are helping turn science fiction into fact as they design an entire new generation of micro and nano-satellites. And they’re not just designing satellites; they’re also building them—every part—on campus. More than half the construction work is done by undergrads.

Malphrus and his team have ambitious plans for these satellites. In fact, they hope to launch some of them to the moon to scan its dark side for water. “We know there’s water there,” he says. “Where it is and how did it get there? We don’t really know.”

These satellites aren’t your typical behemoths floating through our solar system. They can be as tiny as microwave ovens or as large as dishwashers. So far, Morehead State has launched five satellites with hopes of many more. That’s the point: the satellites work best when a few dozen function as a team. Then they can form various constellations and get to any spot in the planet in 10 minutes.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Utah Lays Foundation for Future Growth

The news is hard to miss: Utah is a consistently excellent and predictable place for business.

GOED's Vision
The Governor’s Office of Economic Development (GOED) is the business arm of the Governor’s Office, and is tasked with executing on Governor Gary R. Herbert’s vision that “Utah will lead the nation as the best performing economy and be recognized as a premier global business destination.” With education prioritized and an emphasis placed on innovation, entrepreneurship and investment, the State of Utah has ideally positioned itself to achieve its objectives.

Utah’s workforce is growing as a result of natural growth and in-migration. But it is also growing with the changing global economy. A concerted public-private effort is working to fill the demands of the state’s strongest “targeted” economic clusters, such as IT, Life Sciences, and Aerospace and Defense.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Nebraska Innovation Campus Poised for Next Phase of Growth

Nebraska Innovation Campus (NIC) is connecting the talents of experts, companies and the university to create a unique culture of innovation. NIC is a research campus designed to facilitate new and in-depth partnerships between the University of Nebraska and private sector businesses. NIC is adjacent to the University of Nebraska–Lincoln (UNL) and strategically provides access to research faculty, facilities and students. At full build-out, NIC will be a 2.2-million square-foot campus with uniquely designed buildings and amenities that encourage people to create and transform ideas into global innovation.

Phase I of development at Nebraska Innovation Campus is ahead of schedule, with facilities taking shape that will attract talent, open new opportunities for students and faculty and grow Nebraska’s economy.

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Monday, January 26 2015
Mexico Site Selection Offers Broad Choices for Manufacturers

Although the industrial landscape was appreciably different at the turn of the millennium, over the last several years, Mexico’s prominence on the global economic stage has become highly visible and indisputable. In terms of where to locate a manufacturing facility, today’s Mexico offers broad choices within a user-friendly business environment and a varied geography.

During the opening years of the last century, companies were flocking to what was then being widely hailed as the “world’s workshop.” China enjoyed a definitive and sizable advantage in regard to Mexico's substantial manufacturing wage differential. In 2003, for example, wages paid to workers in factories in Mexico, known as maquiladoras, were 188 percent higher when compared to those paid to their Chinese counterparts. During that time, the Asian powerhouse was well on its way to supplanting Mexico as the United States’ foremost supplier of low-cost manufacturing labor. From 2001-2003, five hundred of Mexico’s approximately thirty-seven hundred maquiladoras were shuttered, as a direct result of competition from proliferating Chinese factories. Mexican government estimates from that period indicate that 218,000, mostly low-skill jobs in low-tech industries such as textiles and toy manufacturing, ventured across the globe chasing the “China price." Today that advantage has reversed itself. Because of this turn of economic events, Mexico site selection offers broad choices for companies seeking to expand their global footprint in an economically and strategically-intelligent fashion.

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