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Monday, September 30 2019
Outdoor Recreation Tourism - The Motor Driving Rural Economies of the Future?

By Rachel Selsky, AICP, Camoin310

Many medical experts tout the benefits of getting outside on a regular, but have you ever considered the potential benefits of focusing your economic development efforts outside as well? It may not be a bad idea considering that the United States has seen an increase in overall participation in outdoor recreation activities, typically categorized as motorized or non-motorized, over the past few decades. 

While non-motorized outdoor recreation activities like hiking and biking are well documented and studied in relation to growth, economic impact, attraction strategies and the benefits to communities, motorized outdoor recreation activities are generally thought of as a smaller component of the overall industry and are somewhat less studied. As more rural communities begin to promote outdoor recreation tourism as a component of their economic development strategies, it is increasingly important to understand the full spectrum of opportunities related to outdoor tourism, including those within the motorized recreation sectors and how to best encourage and support their growth. 

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Monday, July 24 2017
Thriving Outdoor Recreation Economy Generates $887 Billion in Consumer Spending Annually and Supports $7.6 Million American Jobs

By the Outdoor Industry Association

The Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) released The Outdoor Recreation Economy report, the largest and most comprehensive report of its kind that captures the power of a vast economic engine that creates billions in consumer spending and millions of good-paying American jobs.

A sector woven deep into the fabric of local communities across the country, the outdoor recreation economy generates $887 billion in consumer spending annually, sustains $7.6 million American jobs and generates $65.3 billion in federal tax revenue and $59.2 billion in state and local tax revenue each year. With more Americans employed as part of the outdoor recreation economy than in food and beverage service, or in construction and computer technology, this report shows that when our nation’s leaders invest in outdoor recreation, the result is healthier economies and healthier communities.

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Tuesday, July 26 2016
The Outdoor Recreation Industry -Business Plus Environment Equals a Win for Everyone

By Kate McEnroe, President of Kate McEnroe Consulting

The Outdoor Recreation industry isn’t often cited as a top target industry for economic developers, but it can occupy a very interesting place in the economy of a state, a region, or a locality. The most recent figures from the Outdoor Recreation Industry Association report that businesses in this sector, which encompasses a wide variety of NAICS codes, account for 6.1 million jobs in the United States with consumers spending more every year on apparel, gear, and experiences, than on pharmaceuticals and cars combined. So why don’t we see this industry cited more often as a target of opportunity for states and regions interested in recruiting high growth, green job and investment opportunities?  Perhaps it’s because to appreciate the full impact of this sector at the state and local level requires tracking jobs and investments that fall under the separate missions of departments of tourism, economic development, and natural resources.

Most states have tourism efforts dedicated to bringing in visitors and their dollars, and programs to protect their natural assets within their departments of natural resources, but some have decided to link these missions to the more traditional goal of attracting companies that manufacture products and offer services to the users of those recreational assets.

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Tuesday, July 28 2015
Outdoor Recreation Expansions Explode Across U.S.

“Hey! That boat sounds like it’s going to hit the dike!” I yelled the warning to Phil Broussard, as we struggled to pull his jonboat across a hump of land deep in the wilds of Lacassine National Wildlife Refuge in southwestern Louisiana.

“It just did,“ Phil, laughed as a terrific pounding noise came from the yon side of the embankment only a few feet away.
With a terrific clanging and banging, one of the most wrinkled aluminum jonboats I have seen, suddenly fishtailed across the four-foot rise of land. A 10 horsepower Mercury outboard screamed in protest as the whirling prop flew up then bounced hard against the earthen dike, causing the skidding boat to thrash like a fish out of the water! A second later, the boat, with a man holding on to the tiller with both hands, plowed headlong into the water, the motor fell down and the beat-up watercraft streaked away as if nothing happened.

“That’s just a local Coonass making his rounds,“ Phil chuckled, noting the look of astonishment on my face. He explained the Cajuns who live, fish, hunt and trap in this remote, but the amazingly-rich outdoor treasury, dislike dikes, rule and laws made by people rarely every go to the trouble of pulling a boat over the designed boat crossing.

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