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Friday, September 29 2017
Digital Media & Gaming: A Winning Combo

By Michael D. White, author and freelance writer

Two seemingly disparate, though increasingly related, industry sectors –digital media and gaming – have seen an explosive surge in activity over the past several years that continues to serve as major engines of both regional and state economic growth and job creation, particularly in the south and southeastern U.S.

Digital Media

In 2015, McKinsey & Company published a report after investing three years in gathering research on the impact of digital media’s far-reaching influence on and varied applications for industries from print publishing to digital advertising, from video games to the box office.

According to the report, by 2019, “digital spending will account for more than 50 percent of overall media spend” as ongoing developments in digital media continue to foster “healthy economic expansion and increasing household incomes.”

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Thursday, September 15 2016
Gaming, and Filming, and Apps - Oh My!

By Tim Shea, General Manager of Product Development, and Angelos Angelou, CEO, Angelou Economics, 512-658-8400,

This past July brought the closest thing to the “Zombie Apocalypse” any of us will (hopefully) see in our lifetimes. In an almost inexplicable display, thousands of men, women, and children spent the summer’s hottest month wandering streets and parks across the globe, eyes glazed over with a single minded purpose. Fortunately, that purpose was relatively benign: to find and catch Pokémon. 

The craze was brought about by the release of Pokémon Go, a unique, if not entirely, novel app that blended the real world with Nintendo’s popular gaming franchise in the greatest manifestation of augmented reality to date. The app’s launch was a wild success—it attracted millions of users and doubled the company’s stock practically overnight—but it hasn’t come entirely without controversy. 

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Monday, September 21 2015
The Changing Face of the Gaming Industry

Gambling and/or the term Gaming has  distinct, different meanings depending on where you are. If you are in Nevada or New Jersey it means gambling. If you are in Silicon Valley or Boston’s Digital Corridor it means video gaming. But the biggest change in the traditional gambling industry is going to be the merger of both these concepts. Mobile apps for gaming are rapidly becoming the norm. The biggest hurdle is the Internet Gaming Act of 2006. But with the intense pressure on cities and states to meet ever-increasing costs of operating their budgets without raising taxes the onslaught to allow and legalize gambling has been on a tear this past decade, and it shows no signs of slowing down. The estimated revenue on mobile gambling or video gambling is estimated to represent about $30B USD annually and if those funds are allowed to flow legally within the United States and into the United States (tourism impact without actual in market visitation) the taxes and fees that locales and states can generate are very tempting. Since the mid-1970s, gambling has been America's fastest-growing industry. Wagers in the U.S. are currently approaching half a trillion dollars annually! In the 20 years from the mid-1970s to the mid-1990s, gambling revenues increased by an incredible 2,000 percent, according to a report created by US News & World Report magazine in 2014.

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