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Thursday, March 22 2018
What Accounts for U.S. Dominance in Aerospace, and Is It Sustainable?

By Theoharis Dimarhos, Marketing and Business Development Manager, and Angelos Angelou, CEO, Angelou Economics

As the popular observation (and trivia nugget) goes, just 66 years separated humanity’s first powered flight from our first steps on the Moon. From an 120-foot hop to a 400,000 mile journey that was quite literally out of this world, the sheer pace and depth of the technological progress required to bridge these two milestones was truly remarkable. 

In the 49 years that have passed since Neil Armstrong made history, we as a species have put that technological progress to shame. 

Make no mistake, the oft-bandied claims of a “New Space Race” are more than just hype. Yes, there is China’s promise to reach Mars, as well as the playful banter between SpaceX and Boeing to beat each other in achieving the same. These dreams are exciting, but there is a still a distant, ethereal quality to them. What is in no way abstract or far-fetched is the satellite/rocket revolution that has transformed the aerospace industry over the past several decades.

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