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Monday, July 29 2019
Putting Down Roots In the Ag Industry

By Mark R. Smith, Contributing Writer, Expansion Solutions Magazine

Site selection professionals and their clients who are working to locate a growing agriculture-based business know making that major move dictates understanding a few facts before key decisions are made.

Since an agriculture businesses might need land, and lots of it − or at least be in a market with a multitude of farms − they’ll see that land is cheaper in less-densely populated areas, for a reason: perhaps the lack a strong workforce and relatively few educational opportunities, or connectivity problems and a lack of amenities in a given locales. Or a combination thereof.

Then comes the more recent but growing issue of climate change, which can work for or against a company.

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Monday, July 23 2018
Rise of Rural America: Opportunity in Agtech

By Carter Williams, CEO and Managing Director of iSelect

Author J.D. Vance made the case for rural America in his 2016 book, “Hillbilly Elegy,” sparking a months-long debate about the role of city vs. country in our economy, our lifestyles and our politics that’s still ongoing.

We learned the full scope of that debate on Election Day 2016.

But the fact remains, rural America is a key part of American society and of the nation’s economy, encompassing the vast majority of our landmass as well as millions of individual people. That role looks to only increase in the coming years.

Why? Because rural America remains primarily focused on one industry: agriculture. And that industry has been getting chopped to pieces in recent years.

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Sunday, October 01 2017
Finding Fertile Ground for Agribusiness Innovation

By Don Schjeldahl, Principal, DSG Advisors

Agribusiness/food processing, like many industries, is no stranger to shifting economies forcing the repurposing or closing of facilities. Aging production technologies, volatile raw material supplies, and shifting consumer preferences and markets are among the many factors that propel the industry. The ability of a company to adapt to change means producers can extend the life of facilities and protect market share. 

There are obvious advantages for corporate managers to carefully consider the attributes of candidate locations when deciding where to invest in new or expanding facilities. Increasingly important is the need for decision makers to identify communities that track the changing needs of niche sectors, and adjust offerings accordingly. A facility located in one of these communities is more likely to achieve long-term success by reducing risk from swings in technology, markets, raw materials, and other forces.

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Wednesday, September 14 2016
Food for Thought: How to Capture Your Share of the Agribusiness Pie

By Janet Ady, president and CEO, Ady Advantage

Everybody’s got to eat. That’s one of the few things in life you can count on, and a fact that makes agriculture and food processing (which is also known as “agribusiness”) a steady player among industries. Just about every other aspect of agribusiness has been impacted by change, many of them seismic. Most of these changes have had an impact on how companies make expansion and relocation decisions, and in turn, how communities, regions and states retain and grow investments in their areas.

Trends Impacting Agribusiness
The agribusiness industry is a very complex value chain, with lots of moving pieces. It ranges from multi-billion dollar multinationals to the smallest artisanal operations. Unlike other industries, production and distribution can be limited by seasonality and perishability. Weather and other natural disasters can roil markets overnight. Let’s look at the some of the key trends impacting the agribusiness industry.

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Monday, September 21 2015
Take a Shot at Supporting the Distilling Industry

Following in the wake of the growing popularity of the craft wine and beer industries, spirits are the latest adult beverage to see increased interest by small, local producers looking to create unique products for a niche market. The surge in demand for locally produced alcohol aligns with the recent increase in demand for artisanal goods, the local foods movements, and the growing interest of consumers’ in where and how their food and drinks are made. 

The recent uptick in the number of craft distilleries in the United States has created unique opportunities for communities and economic developers looking to support this industry. The increase in distilling also impacts other regional economic engines, such as the agriculture, bottling, transportation, and hospitality industries, among others. The following article outlines the history of the distilling industry, including recent trends, two case studies, workforce considerations, and some information for economic developers looking to help encourage economic activity related to distilling.

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