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Thursday, June 01 2017
A Research Park's Secret Weapon -  The Community College as a Tenant and Partner

By Kate McEnroe, President of Kate McEnroe Consulting

When we hear the term research park, the automatic tendency is to think of our largest private and state institutions, those that receive major research grants.

It has now become almost the standard for major universities to create parks to foster technology transfer and economic development initiatives, not to mention the benefits they bring to the university in attracting gifted faculty and students.

Just as research parks are usually associated with institutions offering four-year and graduate programs, the discussions about the need for an increase in the STEM workforce also tends to focus on boosting the number of individuals with bachelors, masters, or doctorate degrees.

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Thursday, June 01 2017
Change: A Constant in the Food and Beverage Processing Sector

By Jay Garner, President, Garner Economics LLC

One thing is for certain, you can count on change being a dynamic influence in how food and beverage processors operate. Why? Because consumer preferences constantly evolve, and consumers drive food and beverage output.

Food and Beverage Facilities and Jobs by the Numbers
First, let’s look at the statistics of where these companies are located and how many people they employ.

Food processing is defined by the North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) code of 311. Beverage manufacturing is comprised of code 312.  Combined, this sector in 2016 had 41,046 processing facilities, employing 1,748,503 people in the U.S. (BLS).

California leads the U.S. with the most facilities and employment, primarily because of its strong farming output in the Central Valley.

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