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Sunday, October 01 2017
Finding Fertile Ground for Agribusiness Innovation

By Don Schjeldahl, Principal, DSG Advisors

Agribusiness/food processing, like many industries, is no stranger to shifting economies forcing the repurposing or closing of facilities. Aging production technologies, volatile raw material supplies, and shifting consumer preferences and markets are among the many factors that propel the industry. The ability of a company to adapt to change means producers can extend the life of facilities and protect market share. 

There are obvious advantages for corporate managers to carefully consider the attributes of candidate locations when deciding where to invest in new or expanding facilities. Increasingly important is the need for decision makers to identify communities that track the changing needs of niche sectors, and adjust offerings accordingly. A facility located in one of these communities is more likely to achieve long-term success by reducing risk from swings in technology, markets, raw materials, and other forces.

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Sunday, October 01 2017
Be in the Zone

By Lisa A. Bastian, President, Bastian PR

A Promising Future for American Foreign Trade Zones

America's Foreign Trade Zones (FTZ) program is stronger than ever and continues to be a high-value asset for U.S. exports activity and re-shoring of manufacturing efforts. 

Every zone is an economic development tool giving competitive advantages to U.S. firms representing myriad industries. By reducing costs, zones not only "level the playing field" but help companies keep their manufacturing or distribution operations in America. While not all participating companies are large, many which utilize FTZs are global giants, including General Electric, Dell, Intell, Merck, General Motors, BMW and ExxonMobil.

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Sunday, October 01 2017
3D Printing's Impact on the Metal Fabrication Industry

Article contributed by, All Metals Fabrication,

The potential for technology to change the way the metal fabrication industry operates is ongoing and enormous. We’ve already benefited from laser technology with faster, more accurate metal fabrication. As 3D printing evolves, it will also have a big impact on how things are manufactured.

Also known as additive manufacturing (AM), 3D printing is changing the face of manufacturing and production when it comes to just about every industry: automotive, electronics, military, even food. Originally used with plastics and polymers, recent innovations include a type of 3D metal printing as an additive process that uses a laser beam to melt micron layers of metal powder instead of plastic filament. New 3D printing machines will allow for using a wider variety of metals, which will simplify the printing process.

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