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Thursday, February 12 2015
Developments for West Plains, Missouri Economic Development

Mid-June Completion for AMGH Building

West Plains, MO -- The West Plains Economic Development happy to announce that work is progressing on the new 42,000 squarefoot building for Air Medical Group Holdings (AMGH) on Worley Drive in West Plains, with a milder-than-normal Winter resulting in a mid-June ompletion date.

The new facility will house 300 existing employees on a 7.24-acre tract of land for the world's largest independent air medical services provider. The $8.5 million project also includes a $1.6 million capital investment for new roads, water, sewer and electric lines. As a result, we expect the creation of 20 new jobs as a result.

This is a great example of a partnership between the public and private sectors that helped to preserve and grow a local company, particularly to preserve its position as an extremely valuable employer to the area. We are very pleased that AMGH has agreed to make this long-lasting investment in West Plains.

City crews have also worked tirelessly to build the necessary infrastructure needed for AMGH and its employees. Among the improvements include 5,700 feet of new roads, 5,600 feet of new storm sewers, 6,900 feet of new water lines, 1,300 feet of new sewer lines, and 2,500 feet of new electric lines. These new roadways and improvements have opened up over 400 acres of land for new development.

The new facility on Worley Drive will house the Communications Center, Print Shop, Revenue Cycle Department, and the Membership (AirMedCare Network) Division.

This is the first edition of a quarterly newsletter that highlights any current and future economic development projects in and around the City of West Plains.

As many of you realize, 2014 was a challenging year for the employment sector, but we are working diligently to meet those challenges head on.

In fact, 2015 is already shaping up to be an exciting year, and I'd like to briefly update you on the status of some projects:

  • A new, 16,399 square-foot building for Aldi's supermar et is now open.
  • Papa Jolin's Piz~a opeQed UI!J in Southern Hills this month.
  • 1The branding project for the city will be f orry>leted an ~ unveiled in late February.
  • Retail Strategies has been hired to work with the City on recruiting additional retail to our community.
  • A new 98-room Holiday Inn Express will be built as part of a development deal with the City.
  • Plans are underway for a new 25- employee manufacturing plant at the Heritage Business Park.
  • Planning also continues for a 50-unit senior living facility will be located off Highway K.

If you would like more information about any of these projects, feel free to give me a call at 417-256-7176.

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