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Tuesday, August 25 2015

Bloomington, IN -- Hoosier Energy and Randolph Farms Landfill announced a partnership that will turn landfill gas into a renewable energy resource for Randolph County.

Hoosier Energy plans to construct the Cabin Creek renewable energy project, a 4-megawatt landfill gas facility, at the Randolph Farms Landfill located in rural east-central Indiana. The renewable energy plant will be the fourth landfill methane gas (LMG) facility for the electric power supply cooperative and the first landfill gas partnership with the Kalamazoo, MI-based waste and recycling company.

Cabin Creek is part of Hoosier Energy’s strategy of furthering its all-of-the-above, diversified power supply portfolio that includes coal, natural gas, renewable energy and energy efficiency. “This project is another example of our commitment to provide affordable, reliable and sustainable power to member systems,” said Steve Smith, President and Chief Executive Officer of Hoosier Energy.

The 156-acre Randolph Farms Landfill is located near Modoc, Ind., with electric service provided by Whitewater Valley REMC, one of 18 distribution cooperatives that own Hoosier Energy. Through the partnership with Randolph Farms, Hoosier Energy will capture landfill methane gas, which occurs naturally from decomposing waste, and use it to generate electricity. Landfill generation projects are instrumental in destroying methane, a potent greenhouse gas.

“As a family-owned company, Randolph Farms has always had strong ties to the community around us. There is a sense of stewardship that comes with that, so we’re excited to be able to be a part of the renewable energy hub that is growing right here in Randolph County,” said Robert D. Tinsman, Manager of Randolph Farms Landfill.

Construction will begin in the fall of 2016 with power production scheduled to begin in early 2017. To reduce risk and costs to member systems and co-op consumers, funding for the $12 million project will come from low-cost clean renewable energy bonds.

“Any time members can benefit from a local source of clean, renewable energy, it’s a win-win for everyone,” said Mary Jo Thomas, CEO of Whitewater Valley REMC.

Hoosier Energy owns and operates two other landfill gas facilities including the 4-megawatt Clark-Floyd landfill methane gas project in Clark County, Indiana, and the 15-megawatt Livingston landfill-gas-to-energy facility near Pontiac, Ill. A third plant, the 16-megawatt Orchard Hills landfill in Illinois, is scheduled to be in service in mid-2016. Other current renewable energy resources include a 13-megawatt coalbed methane facility and 54 megawatts of wind and hydropower generation. Installation of a 10-megawatt solar program is also underway with ten 1-megawatt facilities scheduled to be in operation by the end of 2016.

With the addition of the Cabin Creek project, Hoosier Energy moves closer to achieving a voluntary goal of providing 10 percent of member system power needs from renewable energy resources by 2025.

About Hoosier Energy
Hoosier Energy is a generation and transmission cooperative (G&T) with headquarters in Bloomington, Ind. The G&T provides electric power and services to 18 electric distribution cooperatives in southern and central Indiana and southeastern Illinois. Hoosier Energy operates the coal-fired Merom Generating Station, three natural gas power plants, several renewable energy plants and a 1,700-mile transmission network. For more information, visit

About Randolph Farms
Randolph Farms, Inc. is a family-owned company with headquarters in Kalamazoo, MI. Randolph Farms has provided safe, affordable disposal services to east-central Indiana since 1986.

About Whitewater Valley REMC
Whitewater Valley Rural Electric Membership Corporation is based in Liberty, IN, and serves more than 11,000 members in Dearborn, Franklin, Fayette, Union, Wayne and Randolph counties.

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