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 Economic Development News 
Friday, November 08 2019

Des Moines, IA -- Awards totaling $3,015,000 were announced for water and sewer infrastructure projects in nine communities across the state. The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) made the awards through the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, which provides support for downtown improvements.
IEDA received 21 applications totaling $7.7 million in funding requests. Grants are awarded based upon the benefit to low- and moderate-income persons, financial need, project impact and readiness and commitment of local resources to the project.

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Friday, May 17 2019

Des Moines, IA -- The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) Board approved projects for five legacy companies, which will assist in the creation of 340 jobs, retention of 406 jobs and will result in more than $632 million in new capital investment for the state. These projects are located in Altoona, Cedar Rapids, Mason City, Pella and rural Butler County. The board also approved innovation funding in support of four startups located in Ames, Cedar Rapids, Coralville, Davenport and Prole.  

Facebook expands presence in Iowa 
Siculus, Inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of Facebook, Inc. Siculus operations involve storage and transfer of large amounts of transactional data. Siculus plans to construct a large data center facility adjacent to its current footprint in Altoona. At the request of the City of Altoona, the board authorized a local property tax exemption through the High Quality Jobs program (HQJ). This enables the city to provide the 20-year tax abatement approved by its City Council on May 6, 2019. No new state incentives are planned, but the project will result in $400 million in new capital investment and create 31 jobs at a qualifying wage of $30.32 per hour. 

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Monday, September 17 2018

Des Moines, IA — The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) announced that a development-ready site located in Cherokee is the latest industrial site to achieve certification through the Iowa Certified Site Program. It joins 20 other sites in the state that have been designated as project-ready.

“Having a certified site is about creating a competitive advantage,” said Debi Durham, director of the IEDA. “Companies exploring expansions or new operations often do not have the luxury of dedicating substantial amounts of time to the site location process. Having a site where all the development questions have been asked and answered demonstrates that the community is open for business and prepared to welcome new investment.” 

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Friday, August 17 2018

Des Moines, IA — The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board awarded direct financial assistance and tax benefits to two companies for job creation and expansion projects. These awards will assist in the creation of 90 jobs and will result in close to $30 million in new capital investment for the state. The board also approved a Strategic Infrastructure Program grant.

The board approved assistance for planned or proposed projects located in Sioux County, Ames and Cedar Falls. 

Specialty pork processor to expand Sioux County facility
Sioux-Preme Packing, Co. plans to expand its pork harvest operation in Sioux County with a 50,000 square-foot addition to help meet demand for its specialty pork products. The Sioux Center facility was acquired by Perdue Farms in 2015 as part of its acquisition of Natural Food Holdings and its brands. The expansion will include installation of high tech automated pork cutting equipment and water jet cutting technologies. The project represents a $29 million investment by Sioux-Preme and will create 50 new jobs, of which 10 are incented at a qualifying wage of $20.41 per hour. Sioux-Preme was awarded tax incentives from the High Quality Jobs (HQJ) Program. 

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Monday, February 26 2018

Project will create an initial 150 full-time jobs

Norwalk, IA — Michael Foods, a $2 billion manufacturer and distributor of food service, food ingredient and retail offerings and the nation's largest processor of value-added eggs, has selected Norwalk as its preferred location for a new regional manufacturing and distribution facility. Contingent upon securing state and local assistance, the project will create 100-150 full-time jobs initially.

The company, whose brands include Papetti’s and Simply Potatoes, is proposing to build a 150,000-square-foot facility on Highway 28 and Delaware Street on the remaining 33 acres of Norwalk’s ‘Certified Site’.

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Monday, August 28 2017

Des Moines, IA -- Companies looking to build new facilities are searching for sites suitable for development and relatively risk free. Certified sites fill the demand for project-ready industrial sites - making the decision to locate in Iowa easy.

Iowa’s Certified Sites program, designed and implemented by the nationally recognized site selection firm McCallum Sweeney Consulting (MSC), parallels a typical site location process. A credentialed Iowa Certified Site has relevant site-related data and documentation accumulated and is designated as “development-ready”.

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Tuesday, August 08 2017

Charles City, IA -- Cambrex invests $24 Million in new highly potent API manufacturing capacity at its Charles City, Iowa facility.

Cambrex Corporation, a manufacturer of small molecule innovator and generic Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs), announced that it is to invest $24 million in a new facility to manufacture highly potent APIs (HPAPIs) at its Charles City, Iowa plant.

The 4,500 sq. ft. production area will operate to an occupational exposure limit (OEL) down to 0.1µg/m3 and have a total reactor capacity of 2,200 gallons, which will be made up from a range of 200, 500 and 1,000 gallon glass and Hastelloy vessels to manufacture batches from 50 to 300kg.

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Monday, January 11 2016

Industrial hose facility to add 30,000 square feet, 12-14 workers; Increase capacity by 20 percent

Mount Pleasant, IA -- ContiTech has announced a $7.2 million expansion of its industrial hose plant in Mount Pleasant, Iowa, responding to the increasing demand for industrial hoses in the NAFTA region.

“We have plans to add 30,000 square feet to our plant, and that includes an additional production line which will increase our total floor area and our capacity by 20 percent,” said Rick Anderson, plant manager. “We anticipate that the expansion will enable us to add about 12 to 14 workers.”

Purchased in 1977, the plant currently employs slightly more than 200 workers. Anderson said that construction work will begin in late first quarter of 2016 and be completed by the end of the year. The facility primarily manufactures industrial hose as well as hoses for the transportation industry.

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Thursday, November 19 2015

Company plans $200 million investment in state-of-the-art facility

Des Moines, IA -- The Iowa Economic Development Authority (IEDA) board approved a High Quality Jobs Program (HQJ) award to Kraft Heinz Foods Company to construct a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Davenport.

Earlier this year, H.J. Heinz Holding Corporation and Kraft Foods Group, Inc. consummated a merger to form The Kraft Heinz Company. The Kraft Heinz Company is the third-largest food and beverage company in North America and the fifth-largest food and beverage company in the world. Some of the Company's brands include Kraft, Heinz, ABC, Capri Sun, Classico, Jell-O, Kool-Aid, Lunchables, Maxwell House, Ore-Ida, Oscar Mayer, Philadelphia, Planters, Plasmon, Quero, Weight Watchers Smart Ones and Velveeta.

Currently, Kraft Heinz’s Davenport facility manufactures Oscar Mayer products and is the largest bologna plant in the world. Initially built in 1915, Kraft Heinz purchased the facility from Kohr’s Packing Company in 1946. Located along the riverfront, this historic facility is not optimally designed for 21st century food manufacturing. As part of the merger, Kraft Heinz had been evaluating its North American facilities to optimize its operations.

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Tuesday, August 25 2015

Le Mars, Iowa -- A state board has awarded the maker of Wells Blue Bunny ice cream $644,400 in tax incentives to help finance an expansion in Le Mars that is expected to create 19 new jobs.

The Sioux City Journal reports that the Iowa Economic Development Authority awarded the incentives to Wells Enterprises on Friday.

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Monday, July 20 2015

Quad Cities, IA/IL   -- The Quad Cities region now has one more advantage to offer growing companies: development ready sites. The Eastern Iowa Industrial Center, a 185 acre site in the Quad Cities, has been designated a certified site through the Iowa Certified Site program. “We’re prepared to respond in a moment’s notice to prospective companies seeking development ready sites,” says Paul Rumler, Chief Economic Development Officer, Quad Cities First. “Our goal in the Quad Cities is to offer businesses a competitive location where they can succeed. We understand that companies need to move quickly and get their facility up and running – and they can do that here.”

The Quad Cities is a prime location for logistics, warehousing and manufacturing firms, and this site is developed to suit those operations. Zoned light industrial in a campus-like industrial park, the Eastern Iowa Industrial Center is adjacent to I-80, will be rail served in late 2015, and is approximately 20 minutes from the Quad Cities International Airport.

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