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United States


CityAgency NamePhone
AltusAltus Southwest Area Economic Development Corporation(508) 481-2202
AlvaWoods County Economic Development(508) 327-2150
AnadarkoAnadarko Chamber of Commerce(405) 842-6154
ArdmoreArdmore Development Authority(580) 223-6162
BartlesvilleBartlesville Development Corporation(918) 337-0001
BethanyBethany Development Authority(405) 789-5005
BlackwellBlackwell Industrial Authority(508) 363-2934
Broken ArrowBroken Arrow Chamber of Commerce(918) 251-1518
CatoosaCity of Tulsa-Rogers County Port Authority(918) 266-2291
ChickashaChickasha Economic Development Council(405) 224-0937
ClaremoreClaremore Industrial & Economic Development Authority(918) 341-4755
CushingCushing Economic Development Council(918) 225-1875
DavisMurray County Industrial Authority(508) 369-3580
DuncanDuncan Area Economic Development Foundation(508) 255-9675
DurantDurant Industrial Authority(508) 924-4570
DurantRural Enterprises, Inc.(508) 924-5094
EdmondEdmond Economic Development Authority(405) 340-0116
El RenoEl Reno Chamber of Commerce and Development Corporation(405) 262-1188
Elk CityCity of Elk City(405) 225-3230
Elk CityElk City Department Economic Development(847) 357-4005
EnidEnid/Garfield County Development Alliance(508) 233-4232
GuthrieLogan County Economic Development Council(405) 282-0060
GuymonPanhandle Regional ED Coalition Inc.(508) 338-8500
IdabelIdabel Chamber of Commerce(508) 286-3305
McalesterMcAlester Economic Development Service(918) 423-5735
MiamiCity of Miami Development Authority(918) 541-2300
MiamiMiami Area Economic Development Service(918) 542-8405
MuskogeeMuskogee Development Corporation(918) 683-2816
NormanNorman Economic Development Coalition(405) 573-1900
Oklahoma CityOklahoma Industries Authority(405) 232-9921
Oklahoma CityGreater Oklahoma City Partnership(405) 297-8956
Oklahoma CitySouth Oklahoma City Chamber of Commerce(405) 634-1436
Oklahoma CityOklahoma Department of Commerce(405) 815-5104
OkmulgeeOkmulgee Area Development Corporation(918) 758-1131
OwassoCity of Owasso(918) 376-1518
Pauls ValleyPauls Valley Chamber of Commerce(405) 238-6491
PawhuskaPawhuska Chamber of Commerce(918) 287-1208
Ponca CityPonca City Chamber of Commerce(508) 765-7070
Pryor CreekMid America Industrial Park(918) 825-3500
ShawneeShawnee Economic Development Foundation(405) 273-7490
StillwaterStillwater Chamber of Commerce(405) 372-5573
StroudCity of Stroud(918) 968-2890
TulsaTulsa Area Partnership(918) 246-2504
TulsaMetro Tulsa Chamber of Commerce(918) 560-0231
TulsaCity of Tulsa(918) 596-2600
VinitaVinita Chamber of Commerce(918) 256-7133
WewokaEconomic Development City of Wewoka(405) 257-2662
WoodwardWoodward Industrial Foundation(508) 254-5616

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